Protecting Food

Preparation - To - Presentation

  • A new Safe Guard for Food Industry today
  • Giving added Comfort and Confidence to your Customers
  • Show that Smile and Personality
  • Comfortable, Safe, Reusable, Robust

Show Customers Confidence in YOUR Food Preparation

  • Giving Added Comfort to Consumers
  • Displaying Visible Hygiene Practices
  • Enhancing Your Professional Reputation
  • Showing Your Customers You Care

Comfortable To Wear

  • Allowing Staff to Show Their Personalities
  • Communicating with Confidence
  • Comfortable to Wear
  • Anti-Fog (Anti-Mist)
  • Ergonomic design
  • Soft to Wear and Skin Friendly
  • Adjustable Fiber Elastic Ear Straps

Reusable, Safe, Robust

  • Environmentally friendly silicone chin visor
  • Ergonomic design, stylish structure
  • Comfortable, light and reusable
  • High-tech nano anti-fogging treatment
  • Suitable for all face types
  • Chin cut out design
  • Soft to wear and skin friendly
  • Adjustable fibre elastic ear strips
  • Overcomes any uncomfortable, claustrophobic feelings
  • Anti environmental protection
  • Food grade material
  • Easy clean

Buy A Hunter Shield

Transparent environmental protection visors have been widely used in various service occasions, enhancing the company’s image. Hunter Shield is a re-usable visor that provides protection for you and for those closest to you. It is lightweight, unobtrusive, reusable and suitable for all age groups. High-quality materials: Environmentally friendly silicone chin visor, High-tech Nano anti-fogging treatment, adjustable fibre elastic ear straps, non-toxic, breathable, comfortable to wear and durable throughout the year.